In this world of Networking; we get invited to the various events and being part of different networking organisations we register for events to listen to some of the excellent speakers in our region.

Some of the smart and effective Networkers believe in planning for this event very well to get the maximum results out of it.

The question is how do you get more visible and get connected to the speakers at the event.

Based on observations of attending the events in past few years here is the list below to follow:

Pre-event :

1) Ask the organiser on how are they known to the speaker?

2) Do they need some help for the event with respect to the speaker?

3) Is there a reserved seating which can be closer to the speaker?

4) Do a Google search on the speaker and understand his interests and skills.

5)Also, explore the industry do thee speaker belong to by spending 5 minutes on the google search.

6) Look at the different occasions they have presented and their connections.

7) Can the speaker be given a Gift voucher or be invited to one of your events?

Event :

1) Reach as early as host is available at the Venue.

2) Meet all the attendees as you may not get time when the speaker arrives.

3) Look at the table which is close to the VVIP and Speaker seating.

4) Ask interactive questions to the speaker if the organiser permits to guests.

5) Compliment the speaker on the topic spoken and add some value to the conversation by doing in-depth discussion.

6) Interesting Conversations lead to further appointments. (actions to send their profiles contact info or meeting

7) Do not sell the products or services. Know them very well.

8) Accompany them to the FOOD counter.

9) Always wish goodbye if the speaker is leaving the event.

Post Event:

1) Always send a Thank you Note Email to the speaker.

2) If the communication with the speaker has a follow-up commitment Please do as committed which will increase your credibility.

3) Any face to face communication post-event always promote the organiser who introduced you to the speaker.

Do you have any inputs; Please share as it is all about Networking.