The advantage of Networking.

Who says Networking is not Effective?

I have seen people giving excuses for a guest invite like I don’t know how to network. I believe this is just an excuse.

If you didn’t know about the Network then you must be a Sadhu (Saint) staying alone in the Himalayas. 

Since that is not the case and we live in a world full of people who meet us every day and interact with us.

We meet people every day, we network and interact on common issues like the weather; sports; politics or society. Do we care to talk about ourselves? 

what are my hobbies, interest; skillset; personal goals; achievements and are they part of any other group where you can be a part of it.

We talk about the issues in the world and we forget. Life is all about us and people around us. So next time can we not avoid attending the event where we can make wonderful connections? Opportunity to know people in a better way so we can help each other in bonding on a common interest; look at the skillset where it can be best utilized; help in achieving someone’s personal goal; join their network to get access to better connections.

Networking is all about effective communication channel, which are within you and people. It has to come out effective interaction, by asking right questions and participating in a fruitful conversation.

It’s just not Networking; it can be an inception of a bigger relationship which can bond each other and that’s what is called “Effective Networker”.

Do you have any good stories on How you did effective communication in a group and that turned out to be a bigger relationship?

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