We believe for a business owner there are three types of networks, One of the Networks which is focused on Referral Marketing.

People join different Networks and joining is very easy; being active is more challenging.

Its the immediate decision to be part of the group which excites you when you are a Visitor/Guest and want to be among the people with the same objective.

The objective to join can be fun; Information; Support and it can be for business which is a referral network.

If you are new in the industry and new in the locality without any connections; looking for clients to be acquired through word of mouth publicity just join the referral network. If you have niche business and have to focus more on the operational and research part than doing marketing; Referral marketing will work wonders saving your time.

One of the biggest referral marketing organisation is BNI and has a presence in more than 9150 chapters with more than 2,59,000 members where everyone is attracted as they believe in the philosophy of GIVERS GAIN.

GIVERS GAIN can work for people to be active in the way of extending your connections to the group members to refer more business and if not the connections your personal and work skills can help someone achieve their goals.

This will surely reciprocate in some form of business for you; Be sure it’s all about farming and not hunting as it takes time for people to trust you and maybe for you to trust other people.

Business owners spend a huge amount of money in their offices; retail showrooms; factories and workshops and still wait for customers to come in for business. You have to be out of your comfort zone and be among other business owners from different professions who can be a great connector to your customers.

Professionals like CA’s, Doctors, Lawyers and Architects where the code of ethics doesn’t let them advertise their services; referral networks are the best to join as their customers are on 100% word of mouth.

If a business owner spends 25% of their time in Referral network they can easily boost their business by 25%, maybe more and that’s a great way to add more customers through recommendations.

Are you part of a referral marketing organisation as a member let us know the success stories after joining in terms of business increased.