BUSINESS CARD is the natural extension of your personal brand.

Why does the business card play a major role in business relationships?

A business card can extend or close the relationships with the customer on the first impression. Its the partner to your styles, wardrobe, elevator pitch, and each other personal device you use to communicate your company for another human being.

A business card is all about your work information which you can share with new people in the events. A business card can have the best of the first impression if the card is printed very well and in the right size and shape. Quality of Business card counts as you never know a person can refer to this card after many days.

A business card should be very clear; informative and crisp. Brand Logo; Colour and the font should be similar as used in other business marketing material. Your name should have a defined title so the opposite person knows with whom he is coordinating and planning to extend relationships.

Right contact numbers with domain-based email id and Website are must for the information to be exchanged in future. Sometimes we find a website mentioned in the card and the email id is a free email service provider which completely lowers your brand image and the person may not prefer communicating as spam messaged may increase due to the free email service provider.

Have you ever observed your Business card in details and when you are being given a Business card and what do you do with these Business cards?

A business card can be a conversation starter based on the message what you have described your products and services in a unique way. It also allows another person to ask you questions in deep about You and Your business.